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Recipes and rad goods for your kitchen

Overseasoned is a publication of handmade mini cookbooks featuring seasonal, simple recipes as well as a collection of rad goods for your kitchen and life. 



The Overseasoned mini cookbook collection

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 My sister and brother and I probably planting a barricade of sunflowers.

My sister and brother and I probably planting a barricade of sunflowers.

My mom in her garden that has gradually morphed into a small organic farm.

why seasonal?

I am passionate about eating seasonally and locally because it is good for the environment but also because it's fun! Every month is like a celebration of whichever fruits, veggies, herbs and proteins are presently ripe and ready to be the momentary star of my kitchen. 

Growing up, my parents always grew a multitude of fresh veggies in our backyard in Rhode Island, which triggered my addiction to snacking on tomatoes off the vine. Today, their garden is a magnificent monstrosity that could feed their whole neighborhood and it is my primary inspiration for cooking and eating seasonally. 

It's my hope that my passion emanates through each publication, inspiring your own participation in eating locally and seasonally. 


why handmade?

I write the recipes by hand because I've always admired the way that my mom, her sisters and their mom shared recipes on handwritten cards. To me, there is something magical about cooking from a recipe that someone hand wrote for you. It sparks a more poignant connection which I think makes the meal more meaningful. But don't worry, I promise that my handwriting is legible. 

I hand bind each edition and adorn the pages with a mix of water color illustrations and photographs in a carefully crafted style. Dedicating energy to both cooking and designing keeps me balanced. 


As a series, the cookbooks form an artisan collection that functions visually as well on a coffee table as it does practically in a kitchen. 

 The inspiration for handwriting my cookbooks: my mom's book of recipe cards..

The inspiration for handwriting my cookbooks: my mom's book of recipe cards..

 Each mini cookbook is hand bound with bakers twine.

Each mini cookbook is hand bound with bakers twine.

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Who's behind all this?

IMG_1676 (1).jpg

It's me, Amy.

I'm Rhody born, now living in Cambridge, MA. I find that enjoying easy access to fresh seafood here outweighs the impending possibility of experiencing a snowpocalypse.  

A few of my favorite foods include donuts, pierogi, popcorn and scallops.

I love making food from scratch, especially fresh pasta. 

Pizza is a huge part of my personality/life in a few notable ways:

 Chowder the dog + pepperoni pizza =  ♥

Chowder the dog + pepperoni pizza = 

  1. In college I was known to buy an extra large cheese pizza for my friends and I and walk home with it on my head,
  2. I lived in Perugia, Italy for half a year during which time I could casually eat a whole pizza by myself
  3. Today, I frequently purchase an "emergency slice" of pepperoni pizza whilst shopping at the grocery store
  4. I lobbied tirelessly to name me and my boyfriend's puppy Pepperoni. We ended up naming him Chowder, another food I really love so I can't complain. Coincidentally his favorite toy is a pepperoni pizza chew toy so he fits right in. 

I could read cookbooks and talk about food all day long. If you want to become friends with me all you need to do is start talking to me about food. It's truly the center of many of my relationships. 

Follow @Overseasoned_amy on Instagram and use #overseasonedfood to share your creations with the community!