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Jeff Petriello and Rob Truglia

The Pasta Tarot - Jeff Petriello and Rob Truglia-

The Pasta Tarot - Jeff Petriello and Rob Truglia-

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Oh madone! The Pasta Tarot re-imagines the modern tarot through the delicious world of pasta and Italian-American tradition.

The Pasta Tarot is for beginner and experienced readers alike, and even for folx who just love pasta. Think of each card like a piece of lasagna— layered with texture, ingredients, and substance for your enjoyment and fulfillment. You can approach each card's meaning purely through its evocative imagery, or through a holistic tarot perspective— following the genealogy of the Rider-Waite-Colman-Smith deck.

The suits are intended to be read as follows:

Corta (Short Pasta) → Wands
Ripiena (Stuffed Pasta) → Cups
Lunga (Long Pasta) → Swords
Minuta (Tiny Pasta) → Pentacles

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