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River Road Sprinkles

River Road Sprinkles - 6 oz jar rainbow

River Road Sprinkles - 6 oz jar rainbow

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Get ready to party with the ultimate confectionary celebration - "Right as Rainbow," the premier River Road Sprinkle Co. rainbow mix that's not only our all-time best seller but also the life of the sprinkle party! Bursting with vibrant energy, this mix is an all-purpose superstar, guaranteed to sprinkle oodles of fun onto every treat. Imagine a confetti-filled birthday bash, because "Right a Rainbow" is here to bring that same level of excitement to your baking.

Crafted from the whimsical remnants of our other sprinkle mixes, this blend creates a captivating carousel of flavors and colors, just like a real rainbow - and just as unpredictable! River Road Sprinkles are your ticket to a sugary euphoria, with a crisp shell that dissolves into a whirlwind of confectionary joy. Each sprinkle is a tiny work of art, hand-dyed in small batches, so every jar is a unique treasure chest of delight. Elevate your baking escapades with the exhilarating magic of "Right as Rainbow." Don't miss out on this confetti-like sprinkle mix - get yours now and turn every treat into a spectacular sprinkle-filled extravaganza!

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