Small biz gift guide 2023: Gifts for new parents

Small biz gift guide 2023: Gifts for new parents

I’m very excited to present my Small Business Gift Guide for 2023. You can shop all of your holiday gifts from small businesses, and these are some of my favorite products to shower new parents with and send them love!

Ambitious girl book to set young girls off to a bold start. 

Matriarch Unisex Pocket Tee for the newly minted matriarch. 

Bake a rainbow cake book for the parents of toddlers who need to dazzle and distract their little ones. 

Smashing my food bib for bold babies and parents alike!

Root for girls toddler tee for the tiniest feminists. 

Jenny lemons cake hair claw for a new mom who wants to look fabulous.

Ace that Face collagen sheet mask for parents who could use more sleep.

Commiskids mini dumpling kit for little foodies and explorers.

Pumpkin rattle for little ones, discovering all of their senses.

Olive the things tote bag to throw literally all of the things in. 

Root for women hoodie to stay extremely cozy and warm inside or out!

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