Small biz gift guide 2023: Gifts for coworkers

Small biz gift guide 2023: Gifts for coworkers

I’m very excited to present my Small Business Gift Guide for 2023. It's fun to give your coworker a special something for helping you get through the work day! These selections are out of the ordinary gifts from talented artisans:

No wrong answers cards so that you never have to use an awkward ice breaker prompt again!

EXAU olive oil for the boss or client that you want to treat. 

Citrus moons tea towel set a colorful and unique hostess gift.

Overseasoned sticker sheet for your coworker who loves to sticker their laptop.

Birchouse botanicals gingerbread candle an incredible scent for the season.

Rainbow desk pad for the colleague who loves to brighten their desk space. 

This card could have been an email for laughs. 

Felt flower arrangement for your work from home colleague who keeps their home office real nice. 

Brightland Champagne vinegar a delicious pantry ingredient for a foodie. 

Salted caramel for the sweet tooth in the group.

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